• Philosophy

    Architecture + Plus is committed to responsible stewardship of resources. Even if a project does not have specific requirements for sustainability or “green” architecture, a practical approach can often achieve some of these goals at a cost savings to the Client. For those projects seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, our experience includes the first LEED Gold certified project in the State of Texas, the Austin Far SE EMS Station, among many others. Under the Austin Energy Green Building Program, we have designed projects achieving 2 to 5 star certification.
  • Projects

    • Jaime Padron Elementary, Architect (LEED Gold)
    • Travis Co. Precinct One Office Building LEED Consultant (LEED Gold)
    • EMS Station #28 (LEED Gold)
    • Austin City Hall Programming, Associate Architect (LEED Silver)
    • McBeth Recreation Center (LEED Silver)
    • 911/CTECC, Associate Architect (LEED Silver)
    • Pecos St. Residence (AEGB 5 Star)
    • Bowie High School Addition (AEGB 3 Star)
    • Overton Elementary School, Associate Architect (AEGB 3 Star)
    • Graham Elementary School (AEGB 3 Star)